2. Baltic Tri Cup 2018

Baltic Tri Cup

You want to compete with other triathletes but not only on one distance?  The „2. Baltic Tri Cup 2018“ with its sprint distance at the „Ostseetriathlon Eckernförde“, its olympic distance at the „7 Türme Triathlon“ in Lübeck as well as a middle distance at the „OstseeMan 113 Damp“ and finally the long distance at the „OstseeMan Glücksburg“ offers the perfect combination, a new master class.  



7 Türme Triathlon Lübeck, 17.06.2018 - (1,5km/ 40km/ 10km)    

OstseeMan 113 Damp, 24.06.2018 - (1,9km/ 90km/ 21,975km)

Ostseetriathlon Eckernförde, 22.07.2018 - (0,5km/ 18km/ 5km)

OstseeMan Glücksburg, 05.08.2018 - (3,8km/ 180km/ 42,195km)



To take part at the „2. Baltic Tri Cup 2018“ it is necessary to finish all four competitions. If one of the four competitions is not being completed, a rating within the cup is excluded. Everyone aged 18 and over holding a valid daily license or valid triathlon license can be part of the cup (OD,MD,LD).

By registering you are agreeing to the cup’s terms and conditions of passing on information linked to personal data for the rating. This document is not touching any competition rules with reference to the given triathlon occasions. 


Registration and payment:

Please select the extra button BalticTriCup during the registration process.

The registration for the BalticTriCup is free of charge.



The rating system is meant to create equal chances for winning. At every competition one earns points referring to finishing time and order. The overall reached point number is being calculated by the following equation:


(O“Eck“+T)*4 + (O“Lüb“+T)*3 + (O“Damp“+T)*2 + (O“Glü“+T) = P


O= order

T= time

P= points


Your achieved order in the „2. Baltic Tri Cup 2018“ will be published on the cup’s rating list. The finishing time will be converted into minutes and seconds (example: 10:20:30 = 620,30). Also the overall reached points will be rounded up or off. The winner will be the one with the lowest amount of points. The correct rating reached within the cup will not be published before every competition has taken place, sorry for inconvenience. Please note, pre- published ratings can change due to disqualifications.



1. Eckernförde: 00:59:20, 2nd order

2. Lübeck: 02:05:00, 8th order

3. Damp: 05:52:27, 6th order

4. Glücksburg: 11:23:49, 14th order


(2+59,20)*4 + (8+125)*3 + (6+352,27)*2 + (14+683,49) = 2057,83              

 —> 2.058 points


prices and presentation ceremony:


The first three women and men single starters out of the overall ranking will be honored.

They will get price money in an amount of 750€ / 500€ / 250€ each.

An age group ranking will not be part of the award ceremony.

The award ceremony will take place after the last competition the OstseeMan Glücksburg.

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