1. During the competition participants and drivers of official escort vehicles have to obey all traffic regulations (StVO), they especially have to drive on the right side of the road.
  2. If demanded by the police, the organizer has to remove participants and escort vehicles from the competition in case of severe or repeated violation of traffic rules(StVO), or orders of the police.
  3. Severe violations of traffic rules are especially, violation of right-hand driving, unmatched speed and dangerous driving and, other grave forms of endangering participants/impairment.
  4. Applying lines and letters to the road, to traffic signs as well as to trees, posts, poles etc. is not allowed.
  5. Together with the start documents the participants will receive:a pasta party ticket, a transponder and velcro fastener for timekeeping, a swimming cap, a number (bicycle and running), a number for the bicycle, one garment bag each for swimming, cycling and running dress, last important information
  6. Attention: Free parking for participants near transition area (800 m).

Important regulations regarding participation at the Race


Swimming caps issued by the organizer must be worn.

Neoprene-swimsuits can be worn at water temperatures between 16°C and 23.9°C.

Only official boats (for rescuing and adjudicating purposes) are allowed to use the race-




Drafting and constant parallel cycling are prohibited and liable to disqualification.

A minimum distance of 12 m must be kept to the cyclist in front.

Each competitor must wear a cycling helmet with closed chinstrap; the design of the helmet must  correspond to the standards of an established test institute.

Each competitor must also wear some form of clothing on the upper part of the body

The bicycles must be fitted with the frame-start numbers.

Each competitor must wear his/her start number on his/her back.

Brake levers must show backwards.



Competitors must not be accompanied by non-competing persons (friends, supporters, trainers, etc.)

Each competitor must also wear clothing on the upper part of the body



Each competitor is responsible for his or her own intermediate andend time registration. The transponders provided by the promoter and used for time registration must be worn throughout the entire race.

Instructions given by the adjudicators, officials, doctors and rescue officials must be complied with.

Prizes which are not collected on the day of the awards ceremony are forfeited.

Protest may only be submitted in writing and accompanied by a a deposit of 50,- E according to organization regulations.

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