1. During the competition participants and drivers of official escort vehicles have to obey all traffic regulations, they especially have to drive on the right side of the road.


2. If demanded by the police, the organizer has to remove participants and escort vehicles from the competition in case of severe or repeated violation of traffic rules or orders of the police.


3. Severe violations of traffic rules are especially

    violation of right-hand driving,

    unmatched speed and dangerous driving and

    other grave endangerment/impairment.


4. Applying lines and letters to the road, to traffic signs as well as to trees, posts, poles etc. is not allowed.


5. In the single competition as well as in the relay competition are on the start numbers issue basically a valid identity card or passport (alternatively driving licence).


6. Every participant will receive confirmation of the registration upon receipt of the complete registration documents including registration fee and possible special costs (copy of transfer form).


7. Every participant is entitled to withdraw until 1st May 2018. The entry fee will be refunded after the deduction of 60€ as an administrative charge. Foreign competitors should send their IBAN and SWIFT Nr. with their withdrawal. Bank charges are payable by the participant. After 1st May 2018 entry fees will not be refunded any more.


8. Time registration is performed using a chip system. Each competitor is responsible for his or her own intermediate and end time registration. The transponders used for time registration must be worn throughout the entire race and according to the promoter’s regulations.


9. Every registered participant is entitled to participate in the pasta party. It is possible to buy additional pasta party tickets for € 12. Only two additional pasta party tickets may be sold with each application.


10. Free parking for participants near changing zone.


11. Together with the start documents the participants will receive:

    pasta party ticket

    transponder and velcro fastener for timekeeping

    swimming cap

    number (bicycle and running)

    number for the bicycle

    garment bags

    last important information

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